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"I laugh, for Hope hath happy place with me!"

   William Ellery Channing

About This Record:

In 2002 my wife Kathy and I spent the period from November 14 to 29 in China meeting our new daughter, Hope Xian Doelling, and finalizing her adoption. I decided to keep a daily journal during our stay in China in which I could record the things that we saw, the people that we met, and the emotions that we felt. My plan was to give this journal to Hope when she was grown to provide her with a small, but tangible link to her past.

Upon returning to the United States I decided go a step farther and transcribe my journal, add a few of the pictures we took in China, and create this web site through which I can share our adventure with others. While waiting for our turn to travel, I found great inspiration in the accounts of others who had already made the journey which we were waiting to begin. It is my hope that the words and images which I've placed here may provide some small benefit to those who will follow us on similar journeys.

Good luck and God bless!

Scott Doelling - September, 2003