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Third Email Update

November 25


We made it to Guangzhou. We flew in from Changsha on Saturday afternoon. It was only about an hour in the air and most of the babies (Hope included) did great. We stopped by the Guangzhou Hard Rock Cafe for burgers and beer Saturday night. It was nice having real American food for a change.

We're staying the the White Swan hotel which is located on Shamian Island in the Pearl River - the island is part of Guangzhou. It's one of China's finest hotels - we're quite pleased with it. There's lots of shopping on Shamian Island. While out walking this morning we saw a neat pet shop with big tanks of exotic fish and eels and stuff. We stopped in and saw even more tanks with smaller fish and crabs and lobsters and big (about 3 inches across) swimming beetles. Turns out it wasn't a pet shop at all - it was a restaurant! We moved on...

We got up this morning and went down to breakfast to find that the whole hotel had been decorated for Christmas - trees and lights and hostesses in Santa outfits. I'll have to find out more about Christmas in China.

Hope continues to come out of her shell. She was very quite and serious when we first got her, but she's turned into quite the silly girl in just a little over a week. She's also become very wiggly - lately it's taken both of us to get her diapers changed and it's still a struggle!

That's all the news for now. We'll complete Hope's immigration paperwork on Tuesday, get her Visa on Wednesday, and start back first thing Thursday. I'll send another email before then if I get the chance.


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